The Beginning

60 years ago, Stree Seva Mandir took birth under the shade of a tree, symbolic of the groups that it shouldered to serve. After 5 decades of persistent and determined march to progress true to the motto-

Where the mind is led forward by Thee.
into ever widening thought and action

we can look back with justifiable pride.

Those were the days when memories were fresh about the struggle for freedom and about the magnificent and historic role played by awakened women from all over the country in answer to the clarion call of Mahatma Gandhi. It was proved that given the opportunity, women could stand with courage and conviction as equal partners with men in all walks of life and in the country’s march towards peace and progress.

With the inspiration of stalwarts like Sister Subbulakshmi, Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy, Dr. Durgabai Deshmukh and as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, Stree Seva Mandir was born.

The Late Revered Dr. V.N.Sharma and Mrs. Ellen Sharma, the founders of the now famous Children’s Garden School with the help of their colleague and partner in service, Late Smt. A.T. Sundaramma founded the Stree Seva Mandir . A few women including Mrs. A.C. Krishna Rao, who realised their social responsibilities to the underprivileged sisters joined hands. A free midday meal, language classes and on the job craft training marked the programme, subsidised from the patronage of the richer parents of students who also attended the classes. Smt. Sundaramma, the Founder President has the credit of organising the programme under her direct supervision.