Community Welfare

The Stree Seva Mandir has several activities for community welfare. It runs units such as the following.

1. Mobile creches
Creches are run in the city’s slums where children of lower income group are looked after in day care centres. Nutrition, immunisation, health care, play and recreation as well as inculcation of good values are provided.
Similar creches are run in Melathur, Nallur, and Darkhast villages.

2. Pramoda.
A full time day care centre for children three months up to three years old. A boon to employed mothers.

3. Pramoda annexe
This is a day care centre for children after school. Children upto the age of 5 years are engaged in play and learning in the afternoons before their mothers return from work.

This group is meant for children before schooling starts at the kinder garten level.

5. Health services
The Medical Centre in association with the Lions club of Kodambakkam.
The Inlaks Maternity and the child health and diagnostic centres.
The surgical, dental, ENT, eye and skin clinics
Family Planning, immunisation and referral services.
Health Camps.
Health out post in Melathur for health camps.

6. The Narmada Women's Academy
A forum for women's learning, cultural and recreational activities. The members are also involved in the running of the creches in Saligramam and in the marriages of the poor inmates.

7. Satapatra
A showroom in the Mahodaya complex where products manufactured in the Mandir are displayed and sold.

8. Mini Showroom
A mini showroom functions from the Sudharma annexe in Saligramam.

A community hall for meetings, conferences, seminars, functions and marriages held in the community in Saligramam.

10. Subhodaya
This school hall of Kaveri Middle school is used for the school activities.

11. Mahodaya
The Stree Seva Mandir Auditorium and Mass Communication Hall is used for school functions, conferences and cultural events

12. Sarvodaya Prayer Hall
This hall serves the needs of the Jubilee Home Children as well as women and children of other associations in Sayee Nagar.

13 Smt. Janaki Devi Bajaj Bhavan
The community hall in Melathur village serves the needs of Melathur and nearby villages.

14 Sri Pandiri Mallikarjuna Rao Conference Hall
Situated in the Mahodaya complex, this mini hall is convenient for small groups and conferences.

14. The Universal Prayer Hall - Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir
The latest offering of Stree Seva Mandir to the community is this serene prayer hall where all may meet to offer prayers and meditate.