Employment Units

Socio-economic Training cum Production and Employment units.

1. Nandini Precision Works.
Produces and offers training in the production of Science instruments, rheostats, instrument cabinets, belt sanding machines, electronic and electrical spares and hardware.

2. Wood working unit.
Manufactures and offers training in the making of furniture for schools and balwadis and teaching aids for nursery schools.

3. Doll making and other handicrafts and Batik and screen printing units.
Train in the making of and produce soft toys and dolls, candles and various printed textile products.

4. Handloom and powerloom weaving unit.
Teach weaving and produce various types of woven cloth and textile products.

5. Printing press with DTP.
Printing using letterpress, screen printing and offset, along with a DTP unit provide comprehensive training in composing, printing, binding as well as a source of income producing envelopes, card board boxes, note books, account books etc.

6. Suruchi bakery, Indus coffee, Gautami flour mill and wet grinding units.
They produce baked products, sweets, savouries, condiments and coffee powder.

7. Sadhana rural unit
Manufactures ornamental mats, embroidered articles, school bags, jute handloom products.

Its activities include assembly of Televisions, stabilisers, Inverters and other electronic products.

9. Swayamkrishi
Manufacture of transformers and PCBs needed for assembly. Craft Development Centre and Jute units.