1949 2nd October
Initiated by a few socially responsible individuals confronted by the vast inequalities pervading society in a developing country in the wake of Independence, the Stree Seva Mandir was born.

Management of The Government Industrial Training Centre for Women taken up by the Mandir.

A Socio-Economic Training cum Production unit set up with the assistance of The Central Social Welfare Board.

Three German organisations, The Aktionsgmeinschaft, the Arbeiterwohlfahrt, the Deutsche Welthungerhilfe and The UK based Oxfam helped with sponsorships to build houses, buy equipment and establish various units.

The construction programme for the first building owned by Stree Seva Mandir started.

Jawahar Vidyalaya, a Senior secondary school, was established in the memory of Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru.

Inauguration of the building housing the Lotte Lemke School of Arts and Crafts, the first building to be owned by Stree Seva Mandir.

Land given by the Government of Tamil Nadu to build the Sabarmathi complex, housing hostels and training cum production units.

1969 18th June
Kaveri Middle School Saligramam, a state aided middle school opened.

Eva Grosse cottage, the first house built in the Sabarmati complex.

1971 29th January
Inauguration of the First Workshop block in Sabarmathi.

Medical Centre undertaken as a joint project of Stree Seva Mandir and The Lions Club of Kodambakkam. Its exclusive building was opened in 1979.

1972 13th January
Foundation stones laid for the Oxfam cottage and annexe.

1973 17th January
Inauguration of the Nandini Precision works, a training cum production unit.

1973 20th January
Oxfam Cottage and Annexe inaugurated.

Administrative block of Stree Seva Mandir, the Jubilee Hall inaugurated.

1975 2nd March
Opening of the FAO Cottage housing the Suvratha hostel and Kasturba Gandhi home.

1975 2nd October
Silver Jubilee Year of Stree Seva Mandir.

1976 11th February
Jubilee home inaugurated in Sayee Nagar.

1979 26th February
Maithree Mahodayam inaugurated.

1979 1st October
Pramoda, the day care centre for children opened in the Mahodaya premises.

1979 14th of November
Prayoga School science project for middle school children, where children learn science by doing. The brainchild of the gifted science educationist Late Sri A.V.V. Krishna Rao.

Sadhana Rural Foundation in Chengalpattu MGR District Inaugurated.

1980 6th November.
Satapatra, the showroom opened to showcase and market the Mandir’s products.

1984 2nd April
Mahodaya the Mass Communication Hall was commissioned.

1986 17th February
Nandini ITI was inaugurated.

1988 8th July
Foundation stone laid for orphanage in the Sadhana campus.

1989 8th January
Health Out-Post at Sadhana rural complex inaugurated as an extension to the existing medical centre at Saligramam.

1989 7th April
Radio assembly Training unit started in collaboration with Electronic Corporation of Tamil Nadu.

1989 15th May
Auxiliary Nurse Training course inaugurated as a joint project of Stree Seva Mandir and Rotary Club of Madras Southwest at Vijaya Hospital.

1989 2nd October
40 years of Stree Seva Mandir.

1989 17th October
Sabari, the home for the aged inaugurated as a joint project of Helpage India, Help the Aged UK and Stree Seva Mandir.

1989 15th October
Inauguration of Radio and Television Assembly Unit.

1990 9th March
The Sadhana Rural Foundation Trust registered

1990 24th May
SWELSORT Society registered

1990 5th November
The Shirdi Sai Baba Anand Ashram Trust registered in association with the Shamdasani Foundation.

1991 1st October
Janaki Devi Bajaj Bhavan inaugurated in Sadhana complex

1991 19th October
Inauguration of Vanaprastha, old- age home for the economically better off.

1993 25th March
The Shirdi Sai Baba Anand Ashram inaugurated.

1995 30th March
‘Anupama and Anugraha’ additions to the old age programme opened.

1996 22nd March
The Crafts Development Center Inaugurated.

1997 27th November
Pandiri Mallikarjuna Rao Hall inaugurated in the Mahodaya complex.

1999 28th July
Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir Universal Prayer hall inaugurated in Balaji Nagar.