Ms.Padma Yerra, Hon.Justice.V.Ramasubramanyan, Dr.JMK Sekhar(IRS), Padma Bhushan Dr.Sarojini Varadappan,Ms.Andal Damodaran

Ms.Bargavi Devendra, Dr Ambujam, Mr. Narayana Rao, Mr.Natarajan speaking at the 60th anniversary function



International media has covered this picture from India to mark the “World’s Elders day !

It as a tribute to Amma’s tremendous life long efforts in the creation of  “ Stree Seva Mandir” ,

which herein is translated as the “ temple for women’s service”

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Worlds Elders Day Today

Saraswathi, 72 puts her arm around Kalavathi, 85 at a home run by

Stree Seva Mandir, or Temple for women’s service, in the southern city of

Chennai yesterday the eve of Worlds Elders Day.

About 82 abandoned elderly women are taken care of in this home.

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