Mrs AC Krishna Rao


(Annapragada Chennagantamma Krishna Rao)  

Born on the 17th November 1913,  in a Zamindari  Andhra family in WestGodavari she is a prominent female social worker in India. She was brought up in a family background which was not only conducive for community service orientation, but also a positive factor for the promotion of many different types of community betterment activities. Her father late Rao Bahadur Kalli Chitiiabbayi Naidu, was a social reformer and was deeply interested in the promotion of education, especially of girls. By conviction he was a crusader against casteism and untouchability and worked for the uplift of downtrodden and backward communities.


Her husband the lateMr.AVV Krishna Rao was a well accomplished and academically brilliant scientist and social reformer.

 After graduating with a first class first in the Master of Arts Degree in Physics from Madras University, Mrs.Krishnarao has dedicated herself to social service. Her services that spanned over six decades in the field of uplifting the unfortunate women and children have rightly earned the appreciation of one and all.

                                 Recognising her invaluable service she was nominated as Chairman of the Central Social Welfare Board (CSWB) in 1954, a position that further helped her translate her vision for the country into reality. She traveled extensively through rural India and granted aid liberally to women and children schemes and welfare projects. Her achievements as Chairman of the CSWB make a noteworthy list.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has done well to choose her as Honorary Principal of the Industrial Training Center for women. She was a member of Regional Film Censor Board. She was trustee in Kesari Educational Trust and President Children’s Garden School Society. She was a Member Executive Committee of Vigilance Home and Abhaya Nilayam.

She is the recipient of a number of awards including the Jamnalal Bajaj award and the Indira Ganndhi National Unity  award for outstanding social work.



Mrs.Krishna Rao with

                      Sardar Patel               Babu Jagjeevan ram         P.V   .Narasimha Rao

Mrs.ACKrishna Rao was a colleague of Late Padma Vibhushan Dr.Durgabai Deshmukh for 24 years Along with Smt.Durgabai Deshmukh she has founded Andhra Mahila Sabha which started with adult education classes and condensed courses for women. This institution has now grown into a huge complex having wide spectrum of activities running two hospitals two colleges and three high schools in Chennai and Hyderabad . This serves as a model institution for the welfare of women & children.


In the year 1949 she founded Stree Seva Mandir

as the name suggests serving and providing shelter to the destitute women and their children. She aims at total rehabilitation of a child or woman in distress.



A Universal Prayer Hall built under her management.








This institution also grew to be a large Non Governmental Organisation running several schools orphanages old-age homes  and women’s hostels.


As a dedicated social worker Mrs.Krishna Rao worked to carry out programmes of educating, training, and rehabilitating needy women, children, and the disabled.


She has set up several socio economic units as means to train the helpless women in various activities  that can generate independent income for their future. These include

All the products that are produced in the process of training are sold to generate revenue for the organization to meet other non income generating charitable social welfare activities.

These unique socio economic activities her creative brain child most importantly provide a choice of skills to learn for the helpless women who approach Mandir The units are helped by other philanthropists and social organisation in buying and importing these products.

Mrs.Krishna Rao’s insatiate desire to serve humanity, even at the ripe age kept her engaged in Stree Seva Mandir's activities till the very end.

She has passeed away peacefully in her sleep after a brief ill ness on the 15th of July 2006 at 00.30


Her achievements make a lengthy list. Mentioned here are but a few of them:

  • Janaki Devi Jamnalal Bajaj Award - 1987
  • Rotary Award for the sake of honour-
  • Madras Telugu Academy Award-1987
  • FICCI- FLO Ladies Award
  • Award German Agro Action Bonn 1989
  •  Indira Gandhi national Unity Award
  • Paul Harris Fellowship of Rotary international
  • Baba Saheb Ambedkar Award 1991
  • Mylapore Academy International Year Award
  • Rajya Lakshmi Award




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