Vocational Training

On the job training along with full and part time training classes are conducted in the various socio- economic units of the Mandir.

1. Lotte Lemke School of Arts and Crafts.
Situated in the Mahodaya Campus, it offers courses in stenography, Type writing, Shorthand, Accountancy, Needle work, embroidery, dressmaking, Mechanic audio and video, vocal and instrumental music and a TTTC in needle work and dressmaking. There is a combination of part and full time course that variously award the National Trade Certificate and the certificates awarded by the Departments of Technical Education and Employment and Training of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

2. Nandini Industrial Training Institute.
The institute offers training in Mechanic Instrument, Composing, proof reading, Printing, DTP, Binding, Handloom weaving, as part time and full time courses with certificates awarded by the Departments of Technical education and Employment and Training of the Government of Tamil Nadu. Under the Rotary Training school, cutting, tailoring and embroidery are taught as hobby classes.

3. Dr. Durgabai Deshmukh Computer Education Center.
The center teaches computer programming in several languages, word processing, working with spreadsheets and windows applications to students who are in various stages of their education and employment. It also teaches Computer science as an elective and as a non-elective subject to students of the Jawahar Vidyalaya.

4. Stree Seva Mandir Vocational Training Courses.
Various courses are offered on a part time, full time, Non formal or Hobby basis, all awarded an Internal Examination Certificate by the Mandir. There are courses in Food processing and baking, Food preservation and cooking. Manufacture of candles, toys and dolls, Jute products and products made with screen printing, batik and block printing, miscellaneous handicrafts, ornamental window-blind mat weaving, cutting, tailoring and embroidery, Assembly of Radios, Televisions, and electronic items. The manufacture of transformers and PCBs, Vocal music and playing the veena are also taught.